Benefits of Adopting

Once you make the decision to buy a horse, the next question will become who or where do we go to meet and purchase our animal.  Perhaps you would be likely to turn to a breeder or be tempted to rescue your horse from a kill buyer, not realizing the benefits of adopting.  When you purchase from a kill buyer you are paying an inflated price on a horse that was purchased at a lower price, giving the kill buyer funds to purchase more animals for slaughter.  The kill pens are not in the business of rescuing horses but are in the business of making money at the expense of innocent animals.  When adopting from a rescue you have the benefit of receiving a healthy horse that has been examined and treated if needed by a veterinarian.  As well as having proper hoof care from a farrier, being fed adequate grain and hay for good weight management, receiving proper dental care, and being up to date on all vaccinations.  During their stay with the rescue our staff can get to know the personality of each horse on an individual basis and will be able to match you with the horse that best suites your needs.  We will provide you with up front information about any ongoing needs of the horse as well as documentation of any treatments the horse has received while at our facility. But the most important reason to adopt from SSARI is to allow the rescue to continue save more horses from being cast away in horrific conditions.

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